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Thursday, June 04, 2009

No puddles

This morning I woke up to -- no puddles. Both puppies were very good and waited until we went outside. Significant progress as I have spent the last few mornings cleaning the kitchen floor.

They are really growing rapidly and where once they could squeeze through gaps, they can no longer. Although, they have developed other habits...for example, one running off in one direction and the other deciding to go the opposite way after I have let the duck off the back lawn. Or my son ignoring my warning about flour monsters, and leaving the cupboard door open. No flour, but the puppies did investigate. I discovered Tess inside the cupboard...whereas Hardy had simply pulled a nearly empty bag of raisins out and was playing with on it the floor, enjoying the scrunching sound.

Luckily Hardy had not gotten into the raisins as raisins can cause renal failure in dogs IF they consume a large quantity. But hopefully my eldest will remember next time. Although he did think I was being paranoid. Uh no, there have been a number of cases. But all is well that ends well.

And the puppies have decided that they prefer dry dog food (Purina Beta) to wet Pedigree puppy food. Do not ask me why. They keep eating the biscuits and leaving the meat behind. Chile the Labrador is quite happy when he is given the bits of leftovers. Perhaps this is why he is being far more tolerant to Tess and Hardy.

Today, it is my talk to the Blyth writers' group. It should be fun.

My wip is coming on so I am pleased with it and I am trying to bleed on the page -- something I normally hate doing until revision time but this one calls for high emotion.


Kate Hardy said...

Enjoy your talk, Michelle.

And keep the puppy tales coming. They're adorable.

Kate Hardy said...
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Kate Hardy said...

Sorry, don't know why I posted twice. My mouse is playing up. I foresee a trip to the tecchy shop to get a new one...

Anne McAllister said...

Loving the puppy commentaries, Michelle. I'm living vicariously through you (and enjoying the vicariousness of it all as well).

I'd put the raisins up where it doesn't matter if their cupboard door gets left open. It doesn't take THAT MANY raisins to cause a problem. Better safe than sorry.

Have a good time at your talk.