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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Courgettes in socks

As the puppies' bladder control has improved, they are slowly being allowed into the other rooms. The upstairs remains off limits but they are allowed supervised access to the living room and my study now.

There was a concerted escape attempt to get into the dining room when we eating but this was firmly foiled. Dogs do not beg from the table. Children do not feed dogs scraps of food they dislike. According to my daughter, sometimes dogs will not eat the food. The only thing that would get rid of courgettes when they were young was to stuff them in their socks! The things you do not want to know when you are a mother.

Yesterday a friend came over and brought her one year old black lab, Daisy, for a playdate. Daisy dutifully played with the puppies, but her big joy was to play with Chile who decided to act like a puppy despite his years. When Hardy attempted to join in and lick Chile's face, Daisy moved around very quickly and stood between the two, preventing Hardy. Dog politics is fascinating stuff. The dogs all had a wonderful time and we were able to enjoy a cup of coffee. Afterwards, the puppies slept!
My characters are behaving themselves a bit which is good as well.


Kate Hardy said...

Courgettes in socks? Oh, yuck!

Byron's very good and doesn't beg, so he's allowed in. But I have to admit that there's one person in this house who is very bad and feeds him scraps from the table at the end of a meal.

(Yup, the same person who shares her lunch with him...)

Michelle Styles said...

That was my thought when the chrildren confessed. Actually I think it was just my eldest and he was about 7...but you know how stories grow.

My husband is the real offender about scraps...AND he let the puppies go on to the furniture last night. Tess is on my knee was his excuse.