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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ashes 2 Ashes final

First of all I am blogging today at the Pink Heart Society about the temptation of border collie puppies.

Last night was the Ashes to Ashes final of series 2. There will be a series 3. Because of the puppies, I have not watched this season as closely. Thankfully, we have sky+ and so recorded it and I was able to watch bits, but when a puppy needs to go outside, they really need to go -- regardless of what is happening with Gene Hunt etc.
I thought this series was much better. Or rather what I saw of it...
Now at the very end, did Alex wake up back in 2009 or did she wake up in a new construct world? I wondered because her daughter Molly in the first series, has a mole on the side of her face and then at the end, she doesn't. Alex also seemed to be far too mobile for someone just out of a coma.
There again, I thought the reason why Sam Tyler jumped was that he had stopped feeling in his world... and the other world had become real to him. I believe the creators of Life on Mars gave a slightly different explanation.

Today is working on my wip and hoping that the puppies do not get into too much mischief. Unfortunately because at the vet's, they lined his carrier with newspaper for the journey home, Hardy discovered newspaper is fun to shred...He remembered this and waited his chance. For awhile during Ashes to Ashes, he was very quietly shredding the sports section. It was only when Tess decided that she wanted to join in the game, that it was noticed. Thankfully my husband had read it.


Kate Hardy said...

All the way through, I was trying to work out how they could wrap up EVERYTHING - and then DH mentioned that series 3 is on the cards.

Agreed, this series was better than s1 - the characterisation in particular is much tighter.

What I'd like is to see a series where Gene swaps timezones. Now that would be fun :o)

Anne McAllister said...

Haven't seen Ashes yet over here across the pond. But even Gene Hunt would be hard pressed to keep the attention away from a couple of border collies.

Jen Black said...

I thought Alex woke up back in 2009and it does look as if Gene Hunt might end up there with her. Now that would be fun. Jen