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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hardy goes dene sliding

Yesterday, I decided that Tess & Hardy should explore the garden more. Mainly they have been kept to the back lawn because the dene (a small wooded valley) is full of places where puppies can get lost. So as I was busy sorting out the bee garden (the bees should arrive at the end of the week. Hooray!) they came down there and rummaged about in the undergrowth. They were terribly obedient and came when called.

Tess encountered a white duck who is currently being allowed to sit on eggs. Tess decided that the white duck was not her friend and came back a much chastened puppy.

Later, they went on an excursion across the bridge to the winter garden. Hardy did not like the bridge as the ducks were squawking under it. He crouched low and ran back to the back lawn. My daughter and I tried again, carrying him over the bridge. Both Tess and He began to explore the area where we have bonfires and the winter garden.

I had assumed that Hardy had a thing about heights and would be sensible. And so when he snuffled over to the edge of the winter garden, I was not worried. He would see the edge and stop.
My daughter shouted a warning.
Hardy kept on and suddenly a surprised yelp filled the air. My daughter rushed around and released him from the brambles as luckily he was stuck half way down the bank between the winter garden and the pathway.
She has since pointed out that I was wrong -- Hardy does not have the sense he was born with.

The real exploration of the dene will have to wait.


Kate Hardy said...

Oh, bless. Glad he was OK.

(lovely pic, btw)

Lacey Devlin said...

Jemima Puddleduck!

Poor Hardy he must have been on the trail of something!

Michelle Styles said...

Hardy was absolutely fine, just a little surprised!

The childern went they were little used to go dene sliding all the time. But they tended to avoid bramble patches and go down head first. And Hardy is a v resilient little dog.