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Current Release
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

End of June

Today, the other editors of the Pink Heart Society and I talk about summer drinks. What a difference an ocean can make! I don't think either Donna or Jenna had really heard of Pimms. Then to be fair, I hadn't either until I moved over here and suddenly in the summer, people were inviting us over for Pimms and croquet! Croquet in the UK is different as well...

Hardy the anti-womble enjoys rummaging in the undergrowth and at the moment keeps emerging covered in green sticky seeds. He is not over fond of the comb...something which he keeps encountering. Because Tess's fur is different and she never seems to have the same problem.
As they have had the second lot of shots, I am currently working on the lead. Tess is generally fine. Hardy on the other hand, sits and refuses to move. He will often roll over and play tug with the lead. Treats help a bit.

One thing from the Tharp book that has really struck with is the need to keep polishing. You do pick up little things or forget them. Because of the whole pro active protagonist thing, I went and picked up McKee again. He makes the point that character and structure are interdependent on each other. You are designing events to reveal character and so it is a matter of personal choice whether you choose to work on the structure or the character but character and character change cannot be expressed except through the events in the story and the characters' reaction to that story. True character is the choices that people make when under pressure and the pressure can only happen from events that require characters to take bigger and bigger risks.


liz fenwick said...

Michelle you have hit the nail on the head for me again. I was browsing blogs (in desperation?) trying to figure out what to write next. I know what needs to be confronted and what it means to the character but I was struggling with is now the time? Is this the right moment in the story to face this the structure and character comments help. Now to step back and look at it with those thoughts in mind. Thanks.

btw Konrath's blog is a regular read of mine.

Lacey Devlin said...

Not the green sticky things!!! Hardy may be the death of you ;) I still think he's gorgeous though :)