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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Compromising Miss Milton

My editor let me know the title for wip formerly known as Engaging the Governess. Compromising Miss Milton. Suffice it to say that had I thought of it first, it would have been my working title. No word on scheduling yet, but I am pleased to have a title. The pictures of Jason Isaacs are because he served as inspiration for my hero Adam. The going from the cold arrogance to a warmer face suited the growth arc. Now all I have to do is to finish the linked book.

Tess & Hardy are going to the VET for shots today. My daughter is going to ride in the back as last time he was in the car, Hardy wriggled through one side of the dog grate. It will be to have their vaccinations complete as then they can start socialising in earnest. Yesterday, they met the window cleaner who was very good with them. They gave a joyful bark and then settled down to being good puppies. Hardy though did investigate the window cleaner's bucket and decide that it was a little wet for his tastes. He had a rather unfortunate incident with tipping over a watering can earlier in the day.


Nell Dixon said...

Great title!

Lacey Devlin said...

I'm with Nell!

Hardy's a cheeky one isn't he? :)

Julie Cohen said...

LOVE the title.