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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The anti-womble

Wombles like to tidy up. Hardy being an anti-womble sees tidiness as a personal challenge.

It was RIP to the Amaryllis yesterday when I thought they were being good and quiet. To be fair the Amaryllis had not flowered and thus had a limited life span. The dirt did not take long clean up. My husband did wonder why the sun room was suddenly neat and tidy though...

I am continuing to read Fire In Fiction and do agree with my original assessment, but because it is a new craft book, it does make me concentrate on my writing rather than on the puppies. All the dog training books have done is make me think about the dogs.

And despite anti-womble tendencies, they are very good at being house trained (including giving a sharp bark if no one is there so they can go out), and playing fetch, plus sitting, downs and rolling over. Border collies like to use their minds.

And today is Waterloo day. 18 June. The Duchess of Richmond's ball was 17 June 1815. This means in 6 years time, it will be the bicentennial. The best book on the subject that I have read is A Week At Waterloo. In the meantime, it is also my 21st wedding anniversary.


Biddy said...

Happy wedding anniversary!! And you are too young to have been married that long! You must have been a child bride.

Lacey Devlin said...

Oh you make me laugh! Perhaps I'll become anti-womble and never touch the broom again :)

Kate Hardy said...

Happy anniversary!

And the anti-womble stuff - oh yeah. Know where that's coming from :o)

Donna Alward said...

Ah but there are benefits to cleaning and cooking. I did it for the last 10 days and my dh got me a present.

However I do think you need to NOT clean and cook for a while so it doesn't become the norm. Then when it is clean it is like a treat. :-) LOL

Happy anniversary to you and the dh. :-)

Alison said...

Happy wedding anniversary! Our third anniversary is in a week's time, and I have bought a card and gift for my husband. Will he remember to do the same....?

Nell Dixon said...

Happy Anniversary, dearest!

Michelle Styles said...

Thank you for the anniversary wishes. They are much appreciated.