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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The VET -- shots the second time.

Tess & Hardy were surprisingly well behaved at the Vets. Hardy did not treat us to his woe is me song as I drove there and neither was car sick. Fingers crossed that they become good travellers.
At the vets, they encountered a greyhound and its worried owners who collecting the greyhound, a lady collecting medicine for a neighbour's dog, a cat and its owners, and a jack russell puppy and its carer (the grand daughter owns the dog but the grandmother looks after as the girl's father is not fond of dogs). They were most interested in the cat and the puppy. The jack russell even though a week older was much smaller.
Ten days and then they can go out and about. It is a matter of balancing their mental health and need for socialisation against their physical health. But it is good that they met a few more people and animals.
After fourteen weeks apparently it is harder to socialise but not impossible.

Oh the Viking's Captive Princess has appeared on This is great news but I have not seen the copy edits yet (despite asking). They should be coming soon. Amazon will have the cover before I get it (probably in about 2 months) and then the quickest way to get a book will be through eharlequin. But it is always a special moment when it appears on Amazon.

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