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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The anti- womble mole search and destroy mission

Hardy has decided that the mole must die. Yesterday, he gave a sudden yelp and started digging. Within moments, he had uncovered a mole run. Was this a new mole run? Or merely the remains? Personally if I was a mole, I would not stick around where there are border collie puppies who keep digging into the tunnels.
Hardy was rather dirty when he finished. No mole but a good time.
My eldest will fill in the hole with compost today. Interestingly, once the hole is filled in, both Tess and Hardy leave them alone. Or possibly the mole gets the message.

Tess on the other hand is obsessed with fetch rather than moles and digging. She sits under one of the camping chairs with her collection, just waiting for someone to play with her. The green ball in particular is a favourite. She gets very angry indeed with Hardy if he attempts to run off with it. Hardy has his own personal tennis ball which he enjoys except when he is on mole patrol.
The writing is moving along as time is slippingthrough my fingers.


Kate Hardy said...

Oh, bless. He looks as if butter wouldn't melt!

And I know a spaniel with a collection. (Not shoes, today. He's clearly done a smash and grab raid on my daughter's bedroom as half her soft toys are on his bed!)

Michelle Styles said...

Ah collections.
It is good to know other dogs are avid collectors as well. It is not to chew but merely trophies!

Lacey Devlin said...

They're both just darling!