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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

King of the castle

The puppies needed a new challenge yesterday so I dragged out a sturdy box. It proved a little too deep to be a boat so I turned it over. Tess & Hardy rapidly figured out that it was perfect to play King of the Castle. Tess loved the game. Hardy with his slightly shorter legs was not to pleased at continually being the Dirty Rascal. He did develop a strategy that involved bringing a variety of items to play with just in front of Tess, and then pushing down on the box with his paws so that Tess toppled off. A great time was had by all.

Tess is growing so rapidly that her collar has been loosened another notch. She is very much a girl and continually goes for shoes, preferably high heels or strappy sandals. Hardy prefers to find things like plastic bottles and dirt.

With my work in progress, I have realised that in order to get the depth required, chapter 3 is actually chapter 3&4, with my old ch4 being ch5. It will get there. But it is the layers that are necessary.

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Kate Hardy said...

Lovely - I can just imagine this.

How are you getting ANY writing done? I'd be playing with the puppies all the time.

Mine has just been barking at the sparrows and, when I told him to shut up, transferring shoes to his bed. DH put a new shoe rack in the hallway, thinking it would foil him. Oh, no. He just picks them daintily off the shelf.