Friday, June 19, 2009

Middlesborough Girl's Night In

Next Thursday from 7pm, I will be appearing at the Bewick Hills Library to take part in their annual Girls Night In. I know Julie Cohen has been before and said that it was a blast. So it should be fun.

Yesterday, my daughter dragged me off shopping as she wanted to spend her birthday money. Going up the escalator at M&S, Julie will be proud to know that she started chanting BRAINS. When I asked why, she said that I needed to read The Girl From Mars. I pointed out that she STILL has squirrelled away my copy in her bedroom. My daughter was unrepentant. And despite her contention of zombies in the shop, we did find her a pair of jeans.
We found a dress at Bravissimos. It works. With my greying hair, I find my colouring has changed a bit and red now is a better shade than blue or purple.
And Bravissimo has clothing that is cut to accommodate one's top half. It makes a welcome change. Because some of us have curves.
No real mischief from the puppies. I tried Tess with a lead again and she behaved beautifully. Hardy still thinks the lead is a tug, but as long as he can carry it in his mouth, he is content to trot alongside me. It is a significant break through.

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