Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting things done.

I am in the midst of the revisions for the Undone. Basically the sensuality needs to go up and it has to be ultra focused on the couple. But I discovered after being in Istanbul and taking Turkish baths, my view of Roman baths has changed! I also realised that I had forgotten to put one in...
Along side I am doing my AAs. 2 chapters or so per day. I did have fun with the secondaries. My old editor used to accuse me of loving my secondaries more. Not really, it is just you can have fun with them.
And then I need to read over TPE and make a few more changes.
Plus it is lovely out.

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Kate Hardy said...

Good luck with the final push on the revs. And, as it's lovely out, why don't you work in the garden on the netbook? (Or would you be too tempted to break off and tame your garden?)