Thursday, June 17, 2010

Working away

I have been busy doing an online workshop on Using Historical Detail to Create a Vivid World this week. It is proving interesting as I am having to put my thoughts on paper.

I am also nearing the end of my revisions. I think angels will sing when this book finally gets accepted. I do know that it is a far stronger romance now. I have gone back to basics and reread Writing Romance for Dummies. It is funny how much stands out to me now that I have had so many books published since the last time I read it.
One key phrase about sexual tension -- make it obvious. I might know the chemistry and the desire is there, but does the reader?
I am going back and layering it in.

The devil is really in the detail!


Kate Hardy said...

That bit about tension... yup. That's what I've got to layer in right now, too :o)

Good luck with that last push!

Caroline said...

As Kate says - good luck with the last push. It seems a lot of authors are being hit with masses of revisions right now! BTW - W R for Dummies is on my keeper shelf. Lesley W is a *genius* IMHO of course! Caroline x