Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Birthdays and other things

Today is the ever so lovely India Grey's significant birthday. Hooray for India! And hooray that she is writing more books!

I will be appearing on the newish Silk and Shadows blog tomorrow. There is a signed copy of An Impulsive Debutante up for grabs.

My revisions are being done. My editor was right about the book (editors generally are) but I am working away. Unlike some authors, I do not mind admitting that at times I have to sweat and slave over my work. Writing can be tough. It is supposed to be challenging as the author does have to pour emotion in. 99% persperation, 1% inspiration.

Yesterday, as part of my Orlando prep, I bought an Acer netbook. It was a good deal and should be more than adequate for my needs. Basically I want to be able to communicate with outside world...and if an agent asks to see my single title paranormal, I want to be able to send it. I was surprised how light they are. As my dd pointed out, the basic wordpad programme is fine as I can save and then do a cut and paste thing if I want. In theory, it make doing the chunks easier.

We will not mention how the exercise is going. Some day it will make a difference...

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Donna Alward said...

The Silk and Shadows interview was great!