Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Grandeer Connection

Way back in 1994/5 when the internet was first beginning to take off, modems speeds were slow and my children very young, my mother's partner wrote a paper for a class he was taking. It was all about how in the future, the internet would be used as a video link so people could keep in touch. He got a low mark and was laughed at. The paper was called the Grandeer Connection after the pet name my children had given my mother.
For a number of reasons, we have never used video links, even though they have become common place. (Among other things we both hate having our picture taken!) That is until now.
Today, I waved my eldest goodbye as he starts his first leg of his 16 month adventure which includes spending time at my sister's and doing an exchange programme at the University of Illinois for the academic year. He's 19 now and will be nearly 21 when I next see him in the flesh again. I am very excited for him -- after all I did the same sort of thing 25 years ago and know how thrilling it is and how much it change your life -- but I will miss him.
One of the things he has done is to ensure we have a webcam and are connected to skype.
It will be good to see him. But I rather suspect that he will want to see Tess, Hardy, Chile and the kittens far more than seeing the rest of us! Did I mention that I hate having my picture taken?
Anyway, my mother's partner was right all those years ago -- the internet does provide a great way to keep in touch with those people who are far away.


Caroline said...

Ohh I hope your son has a fabulous time! What an adventure. Caroline x

Francine Howarth said...


Found your blog via Joanne Pibworth!

It's always a little worrying when kiddos start flying the nest, and believe it, your son will be full of it (the experience!) and won't stop going on about it.

My daughter spent a year in Jakarta, and luckily we had a friend in the consulate so he was always on hand if anything went wrong. She met him for lunch one day, but from thence onward went her own way and made loads of new friends - mostly British nationals also working out there. Yee gods it's a small world with Internet connection. In fact, we kept in touch every other day. When she journeyed home via month touring USA much the same cntact, now she's been back a few years it's telephone talk on average once a week. How bizarre is that?


Donna Alward said...

I too found that when I moved away, I actually was in MORE contact with family and close friends than I was when we only lived a few minutes apart. You will hear from him often, and I know you are so proud of him. You wouldn't want things to be any other way for him - but I can imagine it's difficult to see him go!

Hugs from one mom to another.

Michelle Styles said...

Thank you Caroline. I hope so as well.

Thanks for visiting Francine! I am sure he will be fine -- after all he has been to Russia before on school trips.

He has just phone to say that he has made it through security in London (took an hour) and so I can stop worrying!

It is just a big deal for me as when I did it 25 years ago, I never really went back home...

Unknown said...

Oh Michelle - it's so great that you've brought up a confident, curious, responsible and caring person who wants to go out and see the world and learn about it. So why did your post bring tears to my eyes?

Hugs. xxx