Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Iceskating and writing

My cp Donna Alward wrote a wonderful piece using an iceskating metaphor. It is well worth reading, as it does capture some of the reasons why certain books are outstanding and others are...well...just there. Go read it. It might sparks some ideas about creating magic.

I am busy working away on my revisions and trying to capture some of the magic. I do think I know where I went wrong in the beginning -- namely I forgot the focus needed to be so heavily on the main couple and as I was starting what I had planned to be a trilogy, I wanted to do some other things. And guess what it didn't work. One always hopes the new way is a better way.

Oh and tremendous excitement -- the Literacy Autographing List is up for the RWA signing on 28 July. It is wonderful to see my name amongst all the authors. I get to sit next to Cara Summers who writes wonderful Blazes and a relative newcomer AY Stratton who writes for Wild Rose Press. The seating is all is a relief in a way to know I am not sitting next to Debbie Macomber, Nora Roberts or Julia Quinn who will have huge lines. If anyone does happen by, please say hello as I am always delighted to talk to people and I suspect my line will be very short...

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Caroline said...

Donna's post was fab!

If I was there I would be in your queue Michelle! lol - Caroline