Sunday, June 27, 2010

Keeping lists

I am so Not a List person. Even with grocery shopping, I tend to write a list and then forget to look at it. Eventually everything works out.
However, I have discovered when doing my copy edits, lists are important. For example, a master list of all named characters. I do it because once upon a time I didn't and the last person checking before it went to the printer noticed that I had named two minor secondaries the same name (this was a Viking one). Since then, I do a list. Yesterday, when I started the AAs for Breaking the Governess's Rules, I discovered I misnamed the dead uncle. On page 3 he was Hubert and then 30 pages he was called Arthur. Silly me but these things happen. And it is best to check at this stage rather than getting letters...
This week is busy -- my editor is on holiday and I have promised her three things for her return -- revisions on the script that is taking forever (just about done), revisions on the Roman Undone (to be done) and the AAs/copy edits (in the process of being done.

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