Friday, June 04, 2010

Shining sun

It is another gorgeous day but I'm busy working on my revisions. Sometimes, I suspect that it is much easier just simply to throw the whole thing out and start again. However, I'm stubborn and it is FINALLY starting to get better.

The wonderful Kate Hardy sent me a copy of her latest -- Neurosurgeon and Mum! and after reading the first page, I had a few light bulb moments about why my heroine behaves the way she does. (BTW the book is typical Kate Hardy heart warming. ) It does go back to the Mother/daughter relationship. (I can hear Donna laughing as I have kept saying things like this about HER heroine, but obviously wasn't taking my own advice.). All I have to keep thinking is engaging believable characters...this can be done.

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Donna Alward said...

Maybe a small smile, but no laughing. The pain of recent rewrites makes me far too sympathetic for that. :-)

You will get there!