Sunday, June 06, 2010

Heartwarming read and an upcoming writing contest

Last evening I finished Neurosurgeon and Mum! Kate Hardy's latest. And in traditional Kate Hardy style, it grabbed me by the heart strings and refused to let go.
I loved how it wasn't a traditional medical but possibly closer to Kate's MH but the medical detail was also expertly woven in. She also created a lovely community and really brought her world to life. I love the fact that her heroine was the high flying consultant and the hero -- the locum g.p. who shows her why life is for living.

Reading it, I had loads of light bulb moments, including realising a few places in my current ms where I had skated over things and had totally forgotten the sexual tension etc.

Anyway, I stayed up a bit late to finish it.
And can recommend it to anyone who wants a feel good read.

Now when is Kate going to do a single title small town women's fiction as she would be so good at it?

In the back of the book, there was a shout out for M&B's biggest talent search ever. All will be revealled on in due course. But they are looking for a new star and readers are going to be asked to help. All exciting stuff!

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Nicole said...

I'll have to let my friend know about the comp, she loves M&B