Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Fourth of July Weekend

I am over at the Pink Heart Society blogging about one of my all time favourite movies and musicals -- 1776.
30 years ago it helped me ace AP US History and I still love the film. This clip shows how you can seamlessly add little historical details! Plus John and Abigail Adams' words were taken directly from their letters.

I am busy with my revisions (nearly done). the AAs are done. I had tears running down my eyes at the end but I am close to the characters. I just hope others like Breaking the Governess's Rules. My weekend is going to be spent polishing!

After I turn in my revisions, it will be starting the Sinai one. I have decided that I am more excited about that and will save Dagmar and Thrand for that inbetween period when I am waiting to hear about this one.

I'm also terribly excited about the RWA Nationals which are at the end of this month.

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Unknown said...

THanks for that Michelle. I really enjoyed watching it. I have to admit to being fairly ignorant of US history except where it interacts with Britain. However I adored the series 'John Adams' recently which made me realise how much I am missing. I have never heard of this film so I will search it out. Good luck with the revisions.
Oh and Happy 4th July!