Friday, July 23, 2010

Revisions and Orlando

The revisions are getting done. They will be done before I go to Orlando on Tuesday!
Less than a hundred pages to go as it were.
Am I packed for Orlando? No
Am I mentally ready? NO my mind is in 1848.
Will I be ready? Probably. I have not bothered to colour coordinate my shoes or plan each outfit. I am doing revisions. I have not gone shoe shopping. I am doing revisions. I do however have business cards.
Have I planned which workshops I want to attend? Sort of. I know I am definitely going to several including Carrie Lofty's take on Unusual Historical.
Do I want to stand in line for the book signings? My daughter has made noises. I think I will be too busy.

Will I be exhausted when I get back? Yes.
Am I over-excited? Yes.


Kate Walker said...

Good luck with revisions - you'll get there. And have a wonderful time in Orlando. I'd love to be there but I'm teaching in Wales next week. Pace yourself though!

Kate Hardy said...

Have a lovely time! (And I will be thinking of you in Pompeii)

Nell Dixon said...

I know you'll have a fab time.

Caroline said...

Have a fantastic time. I hope you come back enthused! Caroline x