Sunday, July 18, 2010

Themes with revisions

The theme for this revision set is basically the same as the last one.
1. Make the sensual tension obvious, particularly in the first few chapters. They might be fighting the attraction but the reader has to know about the attraction. They have to be AWARE of each other. In this story, it applies to the hero.

2. Clarify the backstory and make it simple. My editor has some good suggestions on this.

3. Clarify secondary character reactions. Namely I went too far in changing certain characters. (Undones don't have this problem because they are intensely focused on the hero and heroine.)

In other words, my usual problems. Thankfully my editor told me that she thought the story was going to be great.

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Donna Alward said...

Hey you! My e-mail isn't sending at the mo so I'm leaving you a quick note - hope revisions are going well!

My e-mail's receiving btw. :-) News going up on my blog in a mo too.