Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Heathcliff, the editorial cat

Heathcliff has decided that it is his job in life to supervise my writing. Whenever I'm on the computer, he jumps up and lays across my arms purring, so I have to pay attention to him as he regards the computer screen with a look of utter disdain. If he dislikes what he sees, he quickly walks across the keyboard...causing me to rewrite.
If I'm working off the computer, he will bat my pen away and chase it across the floor.
Yesterday he and Mr Darcy both used my print out version as a scratching post. Were they trying to tell me to cut for pace?

Most people get normal cats. I get ones who have the soul of an editor...


Nicole said...

but so much more interesting than 'normal' cats :)

Caroline said...

Ahh but it's nice to feel wanted. Perhaps he should be nicknamed "Edicat". Caroline x

Francine Howarth said...


Character cats are much more fun than dosey-duhs.

Our last one convinced he was dog. Went walkies for miles and rode in the car paws on the dashboard! He and dog inseperable and the dog passed on first. We got a pup and the cat sorted him straight off no nonsense, they too inseperable but cat passed on and we didn't have another. Two dogs further down the line now, but we reckon cat's spirit haunts the house. Doors opening of own accord as did when cat alive, and automatic one closing to behind him. Spooky or what?