Friday, October 16, 2009

Viking's Captive Princess -- books arrive

One of the great things about being a published author is when your box of books for that first edition arrives. No matter what you have thought of the book, it reads differently in print.

For me, I love the cover. The inside print cover is slightly different from the cover on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It has a yellow tinge and is darker and looks far more sensual.

There is no inside front cover picture. This is fine.

They used the quotes from the RT about Taken by the Viking and Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife for the inside praise bit -- always good for my ego. The December RT comes out at the end of the month and fingers crossed!

Then I sat and read it. It reads fine but the paper is thinner and the font slightly smaller I think. Anyway, it is about 20 pages less. Hopefully it does give a big read though. I want it to be a fitting book in this...If people want more Vikings from me, they will have to write to Harlequin and ASK. At the moment though I am enjoying writing early Victorian/Regency.
My revisions are coming on. It is more like how did I think it was good when I first put it in?


Caroline said...

Cover looks gorgeous. Your book arrived today - thanks Michelle. Shall look forward to reading it this weekend! Have a nice weekend - I know I will! Take care. Caroline x

Judy Jarvie said...

Actually, if I haven't mentioned this before, the Vikings are definitely my favourites. They even made me go to Jorvik! But I didn't spot any of your heroes there. Alas.