Monday, October 19, 2009

Eye candy

I have the Male on Monday slot on the Pink Heart Society today and have devoted it to the Greek model Alexis Papas.

He is very good eye candy...enough to make me remember why I love Greek heroes in Presents...

I am still working on my revisions and attempting to make my heroine less passive. Action provokes more action.
Oh and I have joined Good Reads in case anyone wants to friend me there. They do seem to be quite friendly and it is very easy to put in a RSS feed to this blog for example. They are also willing to run giveaways for authors (something I plan to take up shortly!) and the like...Anyway, if you like books, it is a place to check out.

1 comment:

Judy Jarvie said...

Nice one! I'm so very glad. He's just mwaaa *kisses fingers*.
Maybe we need a fanclub...