Monday, October 05, 2009

No voice

I have no voice. I lost it yesterday and today even yesterday's hoarse croak would be welcomed.

Calling the puppies is a challenge as they stubbornly refuse to learn to read. For them, they can't understand why I am not giving my usual commands and go bounding off as puppies do...

And rather than answering one of the children with a well timed bellow of where whatever misplaced article is, I have to go and either find them or get the article in question. They think reading my notes is funny and are apt to answer back by writing!

Plus I do like to have conversations. Frustrating in the extreme.

My mess in progress is going far more slowly than I would wish as a result. SIGH.


Nell Dixon said...

Big higs, hope you feel better soon.

Nell Dixon said...

hugs even! duh - need more coffee

Judy Jarvie said...

Hugs. Hope it comes back soon. When I lose my voice my dd calls it 'speaking Spanish'. Don't ask me why...the mess will pass. You will conquer! jx

Kate Walker said...

I know the feeling - both on the mess in progress (or perhaps the mess not in progress) and the lack of voice

Sending silent hugs of sympathy


Donna Alward said...

It is not a mess! It's fantastic!

I agree on having conversations though.

Now get to work and send me the next chapter.

Caroline said...

Big (((HUGS)) Michelle. Hope you get better soon. There seems a lot of illness going around at the moment. Take care. Caroline x