Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I am currently attempting to update my website. I think the new bits are there but I am not certain. The excerpt for The Viking's Captive Princess should be there. It should be. Can I see it? No. SIGH.

The builders have had to come back to redo the fireplace, having forgotten an important piece. This piece was most emphatically NOT my fault. I do not care whose fault it was. I just want a working fireplace in my living room...please.

Can I find the various bits of paper that I need to sign for my youngest and his ski trip? No. Do I even know when the highly important meeting is? No. People have been moving things on my desk...I know it. Hopefully Hardy has not eaten it. He is going through a paper chewing phase.

Tess has nearly recovered from her operation but still needs to be on the lead. Both Hardy and Tess object. Hardy keeps trying to chew Tess's lead as well as leaping in the air. This may to be to show Tess that he can...

And the revisions continue. Why are the problems so obvious once one's editor has pointed them out?

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Kate Hardy said...

The excerpt is definitely there :o)

And hugs on puppies eating paper. I remember having to call my publisher and explain that my dog had just eaten my royalty cheque... After that, we had a cage on the door.

Byron doesn't do that, but he does grab the post as it comes through the door and has to be persuaded to bring it back and drop it!