Friday, October 09, 2009

It is about the present relationship

I know that any story should be about hte present relationship. It is something I learnt long before I started getting revisions. SO why then did I write an intrigue plot that had solely to do with the past? And why did the main conflict twist itself into an overly repetitive point about who knew what when? Why can't I learn from my mistakes?

The story will become good. It does have potential. I just need to exclude the parts that detract from the central relationship... I have done revisions like this before and the story has turned out well. I have to have faith.

IN other news:
Tess is bouncing off the walls. Hardy chewed up her plastic ruff while she was wearing it. Luckily she does not appear interested in her stitches. She is far to busy chewing up her bed and other every day objects...

My voice is now a hoarse croak and I have a heavy cold. My husband however has gone one better and has a chest infection. He is on antibiotics. My chest however is clear. Maybe it is not just man flu after all but men who get things worse.

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