Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kindle and Mills & Boon

In case you missed the announcement, Amazon's Kindle is now going to be available in the UK. This means that all of the Mills & Boon books will be available on that format. At the moment, you do have to purchase through but they are planning on having a UK hub. And because I do check my name, I can say that my UK ebooks -- An Impulsive Debutante, A Question of Impropriety and Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife are now available as Kindle books on HMB seriously believe the future is digital and are looking to support all the various platforms.
Kindle is supposed to be seriously easy to use...

My revisions hit yesterday and as predicted they are challenging, but really the story is going to be so much better. Ultimately it is all about getting the story to be the best possible. Luckily my editor knows my foibles.
Unfortunately as my voice remains gone -- now a hoarse croak -- I shan't be able to discuss with my editor until next week exactly what I want to do. I find it helpful to discuss with her my ideas. In this case, the central conflict does not currently appear strong enough and some of the motivations are from left field. But this is the fun part. This is when I try to prove that I am up to the challenge.


Jackie Ashenden said...

Interesting, Michelle. We don't have Kindle down this end of the globe (NZ) but as an ebook devotee, I am rather hoping it does make it down here. That being said, my mother has one (through a US friend) and it IS nicer to read than the old laptop.

Good luck with your revisions and hope your voice gets better soon.

Judy Jarvie said...

Go for it, Michelle. You can and you will.
I've worked up with croaky voice today. Think mine is going out in sympathy. Hope Tess is okay after her op. jx

Margaret Mayo said...

Hope your voice continues to improve, Michelle. Interesting about the way forward with e-books. I used to have an e-reader but since it was stolen on holiday I haven't replaced it. They are good, though, but whether Kindle is the way to go, I'll wait and see.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Michelle, I don't have a Kindle but I do have a question, will the downloads also have give those who have the Sony reader a chance? Great news for UK authors!