Sunday, July 01, 2007

TV North East New piece

Under the title Romantic Romans, the piece that Tyne Tees filmed about me went out on this evening's news programme.
The producer,Derek Proud did an excellent job! Lots of pictures of the covers, plus I did not do that bad of a job. All in all I am pleased that I did it. Hopefully it will mean increased sales. I feel quite the glamourous author, but could hear the slight quaking in my voice.
The children all said how American I sounded.
It was certainly somthing that I never ever expected to experience.


Kate Hardy said...

I hope you recorded it because obviously it's regional so I can't get it!

Excellent. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Watched from the link but you didn't come on. Should we be watching north or south region?

Michelle Styles said...

I think they may not have put the evening news broadcast on.

Ah well.

And yes I did record it, so it is saved for the family records!