Friday, July 20, 2007

TheRomanceReader at Heart reviews The Roman's Virgin Mistress

I was absolutely delighted to discover that the Romance Reader at Heart had reviewed The Roman's Virgin Mistress and had given it one of their Top Pick awards. I have a lot of respect for The Romance Reader at Heart and their reviews. I know that their reivew for The Lady Soldier taught me a great deal and made me understand and question things. I also know that they review from the heart.
One of my favourite bits of the reviews was I absolutely knew that when I picked up Michelle Style's new book, I was going to be wonderfully entertained, and I am so happy that I was right! I love, love, love Michelle Style's books. Her writing is always above par and her stories are fabulous! You can read the rest of the review here:
It is such a compliment. I really do try to entertain readers. And I am so honoured.
The PHS Review site has also done a review of TRVM.
I loved the fact the reviewer said Michelle Styles’ historical romances are simply terrific! The Roman’s Virgin Mistress is a spellbinding tale that vividly evokes the past and that is laden with intense sensuality, dramatic emotion, heart warming drama and poignant romance.
Yesterday, I also got a fan letter in the post! A very lovely reader from Vista California had writtten to me via harlequin Enterprises. She loved TRVM and wondered if I would sign some book labels for her. She enclosed an IRC and self addressed envelope. It was a really thrilling moment.
Hopefully you can tell that I love and adore reader feedback. I do try to answer all reader letters and I also try to read all reviews. They are important to me. I o keep them in a heart shaped box and look at them when ever the crows of doubt really strike. The box has three new additions!


Kate Hardy said...

Lovely review. And you already know I think you're getting stronger with every book. WTG. Enjoy the moment and remember this feeling, next time the crows start flapping their wings.

Unknown said...

YAY!!! Go you!! And I can say I knew you before... ;-)

Michelle Styles said...

LOL Biddy. I think it is I who shall be saying that about you.

And you aare so right Kate. These are tangibles that I can lop at the pesky crows to make them leave.