Sunday, July 22, 2007

Coffee Time Romance prize

The blog about a day in my life is up at Coffee Time Romance. There is a chance to win a copy of The Roman's Virgin Mistress. I am currently hoping that someone will enter...

The Shelfari thing is slightly addictive at the moment. What books to put on my shelf. That sort of thing. Anyway, I find it interesting.

My daughter has finished HP for the second time. She read it once and then had to reread it. She thinks it is better than books 5 and 6. Perhaps equal to book 4. She also keeps teasing me with hints. Everyone is not as they seem. Umm, I figured that would happen. She was also very satisfied with the ending.

My editors' thoughts are supposed to arrive on Tuesday. They do like TD but have ideas on how it could be strengthened. This is what I like to hear. I want my books to be the strongest possible read.

I am feeling more positive about my current wip. The crows of doubt often attack at this stage. I don't think I am ever truly happy with a book until I have my editors' input.

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