Wednesday, July 25, 2007

BBC Radio Newcastle

This morning, I appeared on the Paul and Ian show on Radio BBC Newcastle. There will be a listen again feature so you can hear the show. It will be available at some point after 1pm. I am about 20 minutes into the thing.
The show is amusing and light hearted. But I think (hope?) I came across well. They are known quantity to me as I appeared on the show in May 2006. A pair of likely lads from the Toon. Light hearted. Fun with a quirky sense of humour.
And I did get to read the first couple of lines of The Roman's Virgin Mistress, so I can feel it was a success. And they were kind enough not to tell me that it wasn't!

My revisions have arrived and so it is a matter of improving and strengthening TD. It can be done. It is a matter of working at it.

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