Monday, July 09, 2007

A Romance Pioneer dies

Kathleen E Woodiwiss's son Heath has announced that his mother died ater a battle with cancer. The family and her publisher are currently working on her last book.

Kathleen E Woodiwiss was one of the pioneers of modern historical romance. Her sprawling epic, The Flower and the Flame, published in 1972 spawned a movement within romance -- namely the sex scene. An initail print run of 500,000 rapidly became 2.5 million copies sold. Books such as The Wolf and the Dove were rapidly snapped by an eager public and were labelled --bodice rippers.
Her prose style was colourful and her historical accuracy sometime dubious BUT she wrote absolute cracking stories. I loved and adored her when I first read her books as a teenager. And I have never seen anything wrong with being labelled a bodice ripper -- the story is KING in these books.
If you read her wikipedia entry, you will see that her road to success was not without its rejections, but once she submitted to Avon, her potential was realised.
The entire romance genre -- from publishers to writers and most especially readers owes her and her imagination a great deal of gratitude.

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