Sunday, July 08, 2007

North and South, Richard Armitage and me

A confession -- now that I have the title thing working. Until last week, I had not seen the BBC production North and South with the wonderful Richard Armitage. I had seen Richard Armitage in Monet, and in Robin Hood. I knew about the obsession that he tends to engender in some women, but had slightly missed it. My editor when she asked me to do this regency duo, said that oh I could have an industrialist as a hero -- you know use Richard Armitage again.

I thought I had best actually watch the series. It is compulsive viewing. I was going to be good and watch one episode per day. I watched the first episode on Thursday and then had to watch ALL the remaining episodes on Friday. The last episode is -- wow.
The major reason for watching it is Richard Armitage. The part of Jack Thornton could have been played by Sean Bean as well, but Richard Armitage did a great job. In fact he was totally gorgeous. And as I know Phillipa Astley sometimes reads this blog -- Pip I now understand why you were compelled and why he has fuelled so many fantasies.
I don't know if Gabe will end up being based on Richard Armitage or not. For one thing, John Thornton is far too near to my Jack Stanton, the hero of A Christmas Wedding Wager. Gabe needs to be different than Jack. Gabe has to be his own man. Gabe is the second hero in the Regency duo. But I do like the hard integrity of RA in North and South.

But if you have not seen North and South, and you like alpha males, see the series. He really is a hero to die for. SIGH.


Anonymous said...

Michelle - so glad you have seen North & South at last. That final emotionally charged scene on the station is one to savour again and again even if it isn't in the novel! Good luck with your new book.

Michelle Styles said...

Yes, the final episode does bear re-watching.

My only problem is that the hero of the second Regency is based on him, and not the first one!

But gosh, he is lovely...