Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Store cupboard soup

A store cupboard soup -- or how make a simple soup fast. Also known as Roast corn and chipotle soup.

Roast 2 ears of corn in the over for ten minutes. If you don't have corn ears, take 3 cups of frozen corn , place on bakingtray and roast in hot oven.
Fry 3 minced cloves of garlic and 3 chopped onion gently in olive oil for five minutes.
Add 3 400 grams cans of chopped tomatoes plus 750 ml of chicken stock (okay 3 stock cubes plus water) to garlic mixture. When corn is done, add that. Add several tablespoons of chipoltle chiles in adobe sauce to mixture (you can get this at Sainsburys in the UK and it is good to keep in the store cupboard otherwise add some chiles), season to taste. Simmer for ten minutes. Serve with bread and a salad.
A nice light soup for the summer and easy to prepare when suddenly one is faced with the sinking sensation of there is nothing in the house to eat...because one has spent too long watching Richard Armitage again in North and South. And other excuses.


Kate Hardy said...

I love your reason for the recipe *g*

Do I take it you recommend N&S??

Michelle Styles said...

Oh, yes North and South is v inspirational watching.
John Thorton is wonderfully alpha. He shines with integrity.