Friday, July 13, 2007

On food and celebrations

Today my post to help celebrate Kate Hardy's 25th book is up. It contains my recipe for the Queen of carrot cakes. The giveaway book is a copy of The Roman's Virgin Mistress. If you go to Kate's blog, you will be able to see how to enter. And at the very least, you will see a pretty good recipe for a carrot cake.
Kate and I both share a love of food. Kate put another of my recipes in one of her early books. She calls it Jack's Lemon tart. I call it -- Lemon Lust tart. You can find the recipe on her website. It is sort of upmarket lemon squares.
It is one of the very nice things about writing: discovering people who are sympatico. And Kate's book are delightful, feel good reads with multi layer conflicts and satisfying HEA. What more could anyone wish for?

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Kate Hardy said...

Oh, you are lovely :o)

I must change that page on my website from 'my friend Michelle' to 'my friend Historicals author Michelle' with a link. When I get back from Herefordshire. Promise.