Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Casts -- beekeeping

Yesterday, the front garden again filled with bees. This time instead of flying low and being easy to catch, the bees opted to swarm high into the lime tree. It was a cast -- a smaller swarm with a virgin queen at its head. Casts are usually difficult to catch.
My only hope now is that the beehive remains with a large enough colony. I doubt we willl get any more honey off that hive this summer. The annoying part is that the rosebay willow herb is just coming into flower and it is generally a time of intense honey production.
A learned beekeeper told me that no two summers were the same. I can identify with that.
I also feel writing books that no two manuscripts are the same.Each takes on its own characteristics and quirks.Sometimes the beginnings fly along. SOmetimes the endings. Soem want to be typed on the computer and some want to be written long hand. Sometimes, the characters remain shadowy for the longest periods. And other times, they emerge full blown. The only constant is the difference.
This wip is being frustrating. I keep changing my mind. BUt I know once I get my editors' thoughts back on the last one, my own thoughts on this one will crystalise...and then I will be able to write. Until then, it is slight exploration.

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