Sunday, July 08, 2007

The trouble with titles


For some reason the title bar is not allowing me to give this post a title. It did not allow me yesterday. I am putting it down to a quirk of Blogger but can not be bothered to do the necessary investigations.

The GMC workshop has finished and you can find the worksheets here. Hopefully, it has helped someone. It is difficult to say how much such things help, because each individual's writing style is so different. And you can hear something several times and ways before it actually sinks in.

I now no longer have an excuse not to begin my latest one. My editor is off to the RWA Nationals and we agreed that I could have her thoughts after she gets her mind back from the conference. It will give me the chance to be gain some objectivity about Tristan and Lottie. Personally, I find I can do revisions much easily IF I have started the next one. Of course, last time, after doing revisions on the Viking's Conquest I had to completely redo TD as I had made the same sort of error. Also my muse was screaming for me to write the story I wanted to write instead of trying something hooky that was rapidly verring away from what I wanted for that particular set of characters.

The rain appears to have stopped for the moment. Friday night saw flooding as the hole in the wall block, water built up and gushed through the new gate, breaking the latch and streaming through the garden and duck pens.
This is all down to the faulty storm drain/collection area that Northumberland County Council Highways department have been promising to fix for ages. Last December after we had the firemen pumping out the dam, the civil engineers did give certain undertakings.
More letters to write. But it was rather spectacular as I had to wade in thigh deep water to unblock the hole.
Because of the water that went down the stream, the high school was flooded and they had to call the fire brigade out to pump.


Kate Hardy said...

Blogger did that to me, too - what you do is lift your cursor just a tiny bit higher until it becomes a line (the line at the top of the title box will roughly be halfway up the cursor) and then it lets you click in the box.

And no, I don't have an explanation... :o)

Michelle Styles said...

Hooray, Kate H had the answer!!!

I now know how to proceed.

The explanation wil have to do with Blogger and the form being incorrectly set by someone.