Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bee swarms and winners

Yesterday, the bees swarmed again. They went back to the same spot and this time I was able to capture them and put them in a new hive. Later after I take off the honey, I will unite the swarm with the weakest colony.
It is far too late in the season to expect any honey from this swarm.
But I am currently wondering if the werid weather has mixed up animals' instincts. Several of the ducks are trying to nest again. Normally by this stage, they are well into the moult and have given up. I do NOT want more ducklings.

The winners for the various contests have been drawn and notified.
Marty won the critque contest.
Maureen Edmonds won the first prize in the Taken by the Viking contest
and Judy Cox won the second prize -- a signed paperback from my backlist.
I also had run a myspace contest and Jenny won that.

My next contest should be in October...full details will be in my next newsletter.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Michelle--I got the notice this a.m. :)