Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Thanks to Michelle Willingham, I have now seen the review for The Roman's Virgin Mistress in the RT.

It is a pleasant review EXCEPT the reviewer manages to get the hero's name wrong and misspells the location.

The story takes place in Baiae and the hero's name is Fortis. No Balia or Forte are mentioned. The modern name for Baiae is Baia. Minor points but to my mind important.

The reviewer says that I am attempting to capitalise on the popularity of ROME. Although I am grateful to her for mentioning the tv series, it is more complicated than simply attempting to take advantage. When I first began writing about the period, the series did not exist. Serendipity is probably a better word. Or maybe there is something in the ether.
I now see that there are several Viking set films due for release next year. I wonder if I shall be accused of trying to capitalise on them. And what about my Victorian set ones? Luckily North and South has been out for awhile. And I was forced to watch Richard Armitage in that and Robin Hood while I wrote the book, but really liked Toby Stephens in Jane Eyre far more. So Jack is probably a combo of the two.

I write what I write because I happen to like the time periods, not because I want to capitalise on anything. I think it would show. But if serendipity happens, fine. If not, I trust other people will be like me and like the period.


Donna Alward said...

I have to laugh at that as well. When you started GH, no one had heard of a series called ROME or EMPIRE. Nor when you wrote A Noble Captive and it was probably just getting underway during Sold and Seduced. Seriously, you happened to start writing something that someone else also thought would be amazing and it indeed was serendipitous. Gosh, by the time you write it, submit it, revise it and it hits the shelves, it's a good 18 months. Just whip out your crystal ball!

And you know what? So what if you were to capitalize on that? It's called good marketing.

I would argue that they are capitalizing on the popularity of a hot new historicals author. :-) LOL

TRVM is one of my faves of yours regardless!

Grace Tyler said...

Good for having a review in RT, even if a few details are missed.

I think Roman times have always interested us, and you've been writing a lot longer than the show's been out! Unless you somehow knew the producers, who have undoubtedly been working on the show as long as you've worked on your books, how could you make them come out at the same time? Funny, and not worth fretting over.

Michelle Styles said...

Many thanks Donna and Grace.

It is v lovely of you to leave such postivie comments.

I have now gotten the review out of my system, and am hard at work on my Victorian...