Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sold and Seduced in North America

I googled Sold and Seduced today was surprised to discover that Amazon Canada is offering both it and A Noble Captive. I have no idea why they are doing this, but in case anyone was interested, I thought to point it out.

The one that made me laugh was Amazon.co.uk offering a used copy of the North American paperback edition of The Roman's Virgin Mistress. They have been offeringthis for awhile. I have no idea who put it on, but I doubt the copies have been printed yet. The only arc that I know about is the Romantic Times one -- but why offer it in the UK and not the US? It is a mystery to me.

I am being slow with my newsletter. It should be finished tomorrow morning. There will be a contest for the hardback version of The Roman's Virgin Mistress. For a number of reasons TRVM is my favourite Roman set historical that I have written, so I am very excited about it being released.

Currently I am workig on the motivation of my characters. I had become fixated on one thing and had lost the opportunity for good conflict. This stymied me. I have now made a slight tweak and I think it works better and will ultimately increase the conflict for my hero. How can he want two things at the same time that are mutually exclusive? If one, not the other. Will he be satisfied with just one, or why must he have both? Ithink it is starting to come together.

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