Saturday, May 05, 2007

The possibility of more ducklings! Argh!

The duckings are doing well. And one or two people have been approached with the possibilty of providing good homes. My heart sank this morning when I discovered the orginal mother duck sitting on a nest of eggs. If she follows previous form, she will hatch them all. My dh has also reverted to type -- oh let her, he says, she is not hurting any one. Uh, no I don't think so. She can sit there until the end of the bank holiday but the eggs will be removed.

Ducklings are very cute, but I have no wish to have the garden over run by ducks. The noise when one gets lost or takes upset at another...

The ducklings this morning could not find their way out of the enclosure. My youngest was herding them. Their mother came back in, quacked in an annoyed voice and head back out. the ducklings exchanged quick glances and trooped after her. The communication between ducks never ceases to amaze me.

We also have young song thrushes, starlings and a host of other broods in the garden.

ON the writing front, it all goes slowly. I had a RNA Northumberland meeting yesterday. It wastruly lovley to see the number of writers there. Then my paperback author copies for The Roman's Virgin Mistress (Uk version) arrived. I spent time getting reviews organized and books sent out.

Georgina Devon and I agree about the cover for Noble Beauty. It is truly beautiful. I have put a somewhat blurry picture of it up on my wall. It is the sort of picture that I love buying cards of.

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