Thursday, May 10, 2007

The rightness of editors

I am working through my revisions and although I may not always agree with her solutions. They always spark ideas. I think the reasoning is much more solid now.

As Kate Walker said to me -- remember you are the creative person. It i s your job to come up with the ideas and improvements. If you can find a better way, use it.

It is my editor's job to point out where those improvements need to be made. And she does an excellent job at doing that.

I only hope the changes I have made will meet with her approval. I Personally I think the story is a stronger one now.

I have another draft or so to go. The printer is currently spewing out paper and I will do a read through plus Donald Maass' page turning tension exercise before I send my changes in. The important thing is to get a really strong read for the readers. I want them to be engaged and unable to put the book down...

Fortunately I also think I have solved some of my problems for my current wip as well. It needs to be started after the first few pages.

And I have threatened to get my editor a mug that says my editor is always right. She laughed. Of course there is the mug my daughter now has -- Everyone is entitled to my opinion which is sort of appropriate for editors as well...

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