Thursday, May 17, 2007

On finishing proofs

No sooner had I sent off my revisions than my proofs for A Christmas Wedding Wager arrived. I had been waiting for them for awhile as my current wip is linked to the story. Luckily from my reading, I see that I did layer in quite a lot. Lottie is just as I remembered her. And as another good point, I did not mention her age. This is excellent as I can make her a tiny bit older. She is a bit of a challenge as she is different from my normal heroines, but my daughter adored her and so I am bowing to her wishes.

Proofs require a lot of concentration. Mainly when I read them, I am reading for flow and looking for mistakes. For example, I must have typed realty when I meant reality. Somehow the copy editor missed it. And it is a truism that no matter how many times people go over things, they will miss items. I do use a ruler so that I am concentrating on each line, rather than having my eye skim the page. I have done my best and I know several other people will be looking as well. But all in all I was pleasantly surprised at well the story flowed. It is nice Christmas story and I had a tear in my eye at the end. So hopefully readers will enjoy it when it comes out in December.

However, I no longer have any excuse not getting on with my current wip.

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