Monday, May 14, 2007

What I learnt from Revisions

I have finished my revisons and sent them off. Fingers crossed that they are fine. All I know is that I like the story much better. This is the one that had Philip Glenister as the hero inspiration material. But I did have to make him more ruthless than Gene Hunt.

My basic problem with the manuscript that I sent in was that I took the wrong angle on a major subplot. And as a fan of a major acarthic battle at the end, I generally like to have one as well. However, in this story, it wasn't necessary. I had enough emotion to see me through.

And actually in my current wip, I think I have made the same mistake -- coming up with an intrigue type that is starting to demand space. Or rather one that I don't particularly want to write. However, there is very much a plot I want to write. It will suit the characters much better and was actually going to be the subtext. I am just going to have make it the main arc of the story. And it will be fun to do. As it is a Victorian, perhaps, my heor doesn't havet o be as Alpha male, but he still has to be up there.

So my big take away from this round of revisions is not to be afraid of the emotional clash. Those emotional journeys must be shown.

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