Saturday, May 19, 2007

Waiting for Godot

Currently I am waiting for the post. In particular my copy of Not Quite A Lady. it is the final (for now) part of Loretta Chase's quartet about the Carsingtons. As Mr Impossible is one of my favourite novels ever and it was only good manners and a sense of duty that had me returning it to my esteemed editor, I am very much looking forward to Loretta Chase's new book. It has been out in the US for several weeks, and has gone into a second printing, but thus far all I have been able to do is to read Loretta Chase's interiviews and wait. This morning Amazon sent a notice....
I shall save it until after I have finished writing this wip. I have a ficiton in my head that my editor waits for my next ms. It does not matter that Loretta Chase is one of her favourite authors -- she'd far rather read one of my books. It is a nice fiction, a pleasant fiction and it keeps me going. My editor is not going to disillusion me about this.... I have a little post it pad that says -- my editor can't wait for my next book. I choose to believe the nice part of this sentiment.
My characters are proving slightly difficult but have now reached gilsland and Shaws Hotel. The photograph is of Gilsland Spa which is the name that Shaws now goes under. I am writing about the old hotel, the one that went up in smoke in 1859. It was a very popular place during the Regency period. Sir Walter Scott proposed to his wife here. Thus creating a Tradition. The sulphur springs were also popular. I wish that I had chosen this tack to begin with and would not beel under pressure but I know the ms will be good. I love the characters and once I have Lorratta's book in my hand, I shall use it as a carrot.
In my garden I am curently fighting my annual battle with the nettles. I keep telling myself that one hour per day will help eliminate, but somewhere I think there is a mother nettle, one which sends out runners and keeps sending them out. This mother nettle is closely related to the mother ground elder. You do not want to know the weeds my garden possesses.
In positive gardening news, my dh informs me that we now have over 20 cannas. I like cannas, They always remind me of the holiday we spent down in and around Hastings. We purchased the cannas from Christopher Lloyd's Great Dixter. Mr Lloyd was truly one of the 20th century's great gardeners.