Monday, April 30, 2007

Wicked The Musical

Friday night saw my daughter and I at the Adelphia Victoria in London. Part of my daughter's treat/reward for holding my hand at the RNA lunch was to go to see Wicked the Musical. FOr those of you who are unacquainted with it -- it is the musical adaptation of the Maguire novel. It proports to tell the untold story of the witches of Oz, in particular -- the Wicked Witch of theWest.Why was she wicked? Why green? Was she truly that awful? And what about Glinda?
The theatre was full of early teen girls. All giggling and buying the many items of merchandise on sale -- t-shirt, cds, mugs etc.
The set was fantastic -- a moving dragon guarded the stage and Glinda descended to the stage in a bubble. The songs great -- Defying Gravity was my favourite from the cd, and remains my favourite. The ending of Act One is fantastic.
After reading about how theatres made illusions in Victorian ties, it was pleasant to see the same sort of illusions still being made.
I hesitate to say much about the plot line. Elphaba, the Wicked Witch is the heroine and in the best muscial tradition there is a HEA. I was suprised but it really worked. Think foreshadowing.
It was excellent. Better than I thought. There was a wonderful moment when her broom broke. Both my daughter and I assume it was not planned, but they did pull it off. I was also struck by what Tywla Tharp said about working with actors and how each actor brings something to the role. The current leads were not the leads on the cd, but they did a marvellous job. I also played the game of how would I have staged this differently.
But generally I just enjoyed the show. If anyone is planning to see it, they are in for a splendid evening. If you like the Wizard of Oz, you will love Wicked the Musical. Iti s a musical for all the family.
On the Saturday, we went to Hatchards where I bought far too many of the new Piatkus regencys -- reprinted American regencies. They have such lovely covers. And they have provided a bit of inspiration which is always useful. It aided us on the 5 hour train journey back -- there was engineering on the line.
I have started working on my wip again. It is good to be home.


Nell Dixon said...

I love a good show. Glad you had a great time. I wish we could have spent more time.

Michelle Styles said...

I too wish we could have more time to talk.

Do take your girls to seewicked. It is excellent and the male lead -- Adam Garcia is a bot of all right as well