Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Life on Mars -- the ending

In some ways they bottled the ending. I was still left with questions. And therefore it felt vaguely unsettled.

My big question was who caused Sam's accident? It happens exactly at the same time and in the same manner as the 1973's Sam. Coincidence is fine but there has to be a strict law of probability, and near the end every action must have been foreshadowed/comes as direct result of action taken by a main character.

Equally did Sam actually change the past/ Specifically with regards to the death of Annie Cartwright at the end of series one? What were the consequences of this? Is this why suddenly he is dead in the future? In other words why has 1973 become more real than 2006? Did he chose to live with the love of his life?-

Also did Gene Hunt et al really exist? Should this have been left in doubt?

Could the 1973 Frank Morgan have a son who was studying to be a doctor also named Frank Morgan? All it would have taken was the throw away line of my father was a Hyde.

Anyway, there were choices the writer of Life on Mars made, and me being me -- I would not necessarily have made them. However, the Life on Mars writer did make them, and generally the series worked me. In every case, the writer of Life on Mars made the correct choices for his story. But part of me is always asking why did he do such and such, and would a little tweak have helped?
If I can understand why the choices are made, I might be better able to understand why I make choices in my writing.

The Creative Habit book that Anne McAllister has been raving about arrived today. She was right. It does look excellent. Interestingly I have never really thought of myself as creative. Yes, I write, but that is just part of me. Anyway, I look forward to reading it.

I also went to Beamish Museum. Absolutely excellent. They have a railway carriage there from 1846. The whole set of manor gave me food for thought. And I have done a little on my new wip.


Anne McAllister said...

Hope you enjoy the book, Michelle. And there are lots of kinds of creativity!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, of COURSE you're creative. Needlework, gardening and writing...

I might have to get this book, too. Anne, you should've gone for commission :o)

Agree with you re the ending - unanswered questions. Maybe all will become clear when the box set arrives...