Monday, April 02, 2007

On not starting

Today I supposed to start my next ms, but I didn't. Instead, I went shopping with my daughter.

Several things I discovered: Monsoon is a lovely shop with clothes that suit me as well as my daughter. John Lewis has good shoes -- shoes that matched the clothes we bought in Monsoon.
And I spent far too much on make up etc.

This is all in aid of the RNA Romance Prize. I am determined to look okay when I go down. Today on the e-harle blog Jessica Harte explained what it was like to win. But more importantly she gavea taste of the buzz -- what it is like to be there. It all sounds exciting. But I am going to have to rediscover my nearly non existent skill at make up. Luckily I ended up speaking to the regional manager at Clarins who appeared to know lots. She was also v excited to hear about my big occassion.

All in all this took longer than planned and I didn't get back. I will start writing tonight.

Sold and Seduced has been spotted in several WH Smiths -- the official publication date is Friday. It was not in my local one or in the one in Newcastle. The contest is still open, and I have been getting a number of entries -- thank you. To enter, you simply need to answer the question -- Which song is playing on my myspace page? (Hint you can find a link on the side of the blog) Then email me with answer before 14 April. I am giving away three copies of S&S as well as three copies of Kate Walker's The Antonakos Marriage. If you are not on my newsletter list, I will enail you an invite if you enter the contest.


Anonymous said...

Told you so about Monsoon. (But then, Anna told me last year!!) John Lewis also sells Radley handbags... (And rats, I didn't think of them for shoes last year.)

Glad you've got it sorted. You'll have a lovely time - it's like being at a posh wedding. You know what AMBA dos are like - imagine the volume amplified twenty times and you're about there.

The only advice I'll give you is to remember to breathe. I was like a rabbit in headlights last year and just mumbled incoherently to everyone. *g*

Michelle Styles said...

HMMM yes, breathing is v important.

And I didn't get a new handbag because of the National debt spent on makeup. Ah well. I have a number of handbags that don't get used. I tend to take my teardrop shaped LLBean everywhere.

Anne McAllister said...

Isn't Monsoon lovely. Lots of great stuff. Hard to get out of there without bags and bags.

Congrats on having a Big Occasion to splurge on! Good luck to you, Michelle!